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Sheikh is also known as Doctor Sinan. He lived around the end of 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century and appeared in Germiyans’ palace during II. Yakub Sheikh, whose real name is Yusuf Sinanüddin, was born in Kütahya and was one of the most important poets of his era. Master of Germiyans’ sent him to Iran for education. He came back from Iran as a ophthalmologist and became private physician of II. Yakub, master of Germiyans, and Mehmed Çelebi and II. Murad, the sultans of Ottomans. Sheikh is as skilled in poetry as in medicine. The first satire example of divan literature, “Harname”, is very elegant and famous. Divan-ı Şeyhi, Dürrü’ül-akaid, Medical Book, Hüsrev-ü Şirin are his other works. Divan was written in 1438.