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How To Access

It takes 6 hours ride by bus, that leaves in almost every 45 minutes, from Istanbul. You can take a bus ride from different cities of Turkey to Kütahya.  The main bus terminal is renovated in 2010 and established 3 km away from the city center on Eskişehir road. You can use shuttles from the terminal to go to city center free of charge.

Kütahya is located in the center of Turkey’s railways. There are connections from Kütahya to many cities along with Eskişehir, Afyon, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Konya. Train station in the north-eastern side of the city center and on Abdurrahman Karaağa boulevard.

D200 highway connects the D650 highway in the direction of north-south to Kütahya. Big East West Highway directly connects to Eskişehir, Bursa, Bozüyük.

Zafer Airport is located on the 41st km southeast of Kütahya city center. The city center can be reached by 25 minutes bus ride with Havaş airport buses.