United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network’s  “Nomination Committee” Meeting was held.

The meeting under the presidency of Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir was attended by our Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu, DPU’s Rector Prof. Dr. Remzi Gören, the Chairman of Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nafi Güral, Director of Provincial of Culture and Tourism Zülkarni Yeldemez, The Secretary- General of ZEKA Yusuf Balcı, Cemile Gül, Hasan Acar, İsmail Tunçalp, İsmail Yiğit, Mehmet Gürsoy, Mehmet Koçer, Nida Olçar and Uğur Türkmen.

The meeting started by the members participating in the Nomination Committee being introduced;  Mehmet Gürsoy, İsmail Yiğit, Mehmet Koçer, Nida Olçar, Saim Kolhan participating in the field of çini, Cemile Gül participating in the field of design and attire, Gülnur Atakan participating in the field of gastronomy, Uğur Türkmen participating in the field of music, Ahmet Haldun Eralp in the field of folk dances, the President of Association of Kütahya Çini and Ceramics Manufacturers and Craftspeople Hasan Acar, the President of Evliya Çelebi Association of Photographers İsmail Tunçalp and the President of Kütahya Mevlana Research Association Tekin Uğurel  in the field of representatives of civil society.

Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger was also included in the Nomination Committee.

It was decided to get information from co-financings at the meeting where the objects of the project of The Branding of Kütahya’s Çini and Boosting Its Added- Value, and the developments progressed in the project were told.

Having given information about the project of The Branding of Kütahya’s Çini and Boosting Its Added- Value, the Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir said: “Our main object is çini but we are trying to strengthen our hands with the other factors supporting çini. The projects is very important with respect to rewarding the efforts of those taking pains with tile, boosting the promotion of çini and its quality, it’s getting the appreciation it deserves, the sector’s being integrated with new markets and new sectors.”

UNESCO Creative Cities Network’s “Nomination Committee” Meeting ended after the actions were discussed, evaluated and the opinions were shared during the time between two meetings. The Mayor of Kütahya Municipality Kamil Saraçoğlu presented the map covering all the geography Evliya Çelebi traveled prepared by the Kütahya Municipality and named ‘Evliya Çelebi’s World’ to the Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir after the meeting.