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In Kütahya, which is in the middle of the Inner Anatolia,Agean and Marmara regions, women clothes especially are richer and different than in other parts of Anatolia. The traditional style of women’s clothing is different in the centre to the outlying towns. The style encompasses a headscarf, white kerchief, underclothes, undershirt, under-robe, baggy trousers, apron, socks, simple sandals and beaded jewellery. Fez ,bride fez, embriodered scarves, red shirts, bridal veils, socks and slippers are worn only on specific days.

In men’s clothing there is some court effect. Main clothes are fez, shirts scarf belt, gun bag, baggy trousers, socks, rawhide sandals, kerchief and boots. As for accessories, embriodered handkerchiefs, watches with chain, tobacco purses, rosary and amulets are used.