The Panel on Non-Tangible Cultural Heritages was held by Kütahya Research and Application Center for Folk Dances of our University with the participation of the president of UNESCO Turkish National Commission and Specialized Comittee of UTMK Non-physical Cultural Heritages Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz, the members of Specialized Comittee of UTMK Non-Tangible Cultural Heritages Assoc. Prof. Evrim Ölçer Özünel, the member of Specialized Comittee of UTMK Non-Tangible Cultural Heritages Dr. Selcan Gürçayır as the speakers.

Our Rector  Prof. Dr. Remzi Gören, the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Literature Prof. Dr. Anıl İça, academic stuff and students attended the panel.

Giving a speech about the role of media with regard to non-psychical cultural heritages and its expression, Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz emphasized the importance of education by stressing the protection of non-physical cultural heritages and its expression. He stated that advertisements, series and movies in media using other cultural elements instead of ours. Thus, this causes a problem in having our cultures handed down to the next generations so that they start to forget their own culture.

Having explained non-tangible cultural heritages (SOKÜM), Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz said,” They refer to applications, representations, expressions, information, skills, equipments regarding them and cultural places defined by communities, groups and individuals in some cases as a part of their cultural heritage. Depending on their interactions with the nature and their history, these non-tangible cultural heritages handed down from generation to generation are constantly recreated, so they develop a sense of identity and sustainability.

Explaining non-tangible cultural heritages (SOKÜM)  for Turkey, knowledge, experiences and visions, Assoc. Prof. Evrim Ölçer Özünel got across the examples of the works about the inventory of culture,  the process of listing them and their working processes to the audience He also passed on information about  the works regarding sustainable development and intercultural dialogues carried out by the institution.

Having mentioned the relationship between non-tangible cultural heritages and education, Dr. Selcan Gürçayır Teke emphasized that non-tangible cultural heritages are threatened by globalization,  non-tangible cultural heritages are replaced by other cultures because of the fact that fade away due to globalization and media, traditional cultures are getting weaker in the face of modernity, young people are losing their interests in non-tangible cultural heritages day by day, the acceleration of the maintenance and consumption of information causes problems in learning non-tangible cultural heritages and realizing them.

The guests answered the questions of the audience after the speeches Moreover, our Rector Prof. Dr. Remzi Gören presented the guests their gifts and  Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz presented the publications of UNESCO as to Prof. Dr. Remzi Gören and the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Literature Prof. Dr. Anıl İça as a gift.