The pedestrian underpass decorated with the tile and ceramic works of 15 craftsmen in our city and constructed a while ago in Kütahya, was put into service with a ceremony.
Having given a speech at the opening ceremony, our Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu said that they completed such work so as to show the works of artists , the citizens of Kütahya, to everyone.

Having stated that Kütahya is a city of art, Our Mayor said :” We all know that we had extremely important artists in our city in prior periods as well. But we have a trouble in promoting their works and bringing them forward. We have decorated the pedestrian underpass with the works of many artists in order to promote world-renowned Kütahya tile and its other works to also our citizens. The works are exhibited in many places across the world. In fact , some of these exhibited works may have some technical problems. For example , Pisa Tower in Italy. There is an engineering mistake, an inaccurate construction in it but they market and show this mistake to the whole world. We have many wonders in terms of engineering and art and we have a difficulty in promoting and announcing them to the whole world. We are aware that this doesn’t have to be this way and our artists and their works should be promoted . We are extremely happy to exhibit our 15 artists’ works of art at our pedestrian underpass.

We would like to thank our tile artists İsmail Yiğit, Göktuğ Gürsoy, Nida Olçar, Ahmet Olçar, Ahmet Asalı, Selma Keleş Şahin, Fikret Aydoğdu, Adem Dönmez, Mustafa Dumanlar, Hasan Acar, Mustafa Kerkük, Fatma Şan, Ö. Numan Özyağman, Özkan Tokaç, Lütfü Yiğit, Ercan Kurban who contributed our works to our city.

I also would like to thank particularly to the workers of Marmara Çini for ensuring the coordination and for their meticulous works in the supply of stone tiles for the infrastructure, the cut of the works through cnc, the framing and modification of them. Our underpass be the best for all our fellow citizens.

The underpass was put into service after the plaques were presented to the artists who created the objects such as vase, caftan, bowl, nightingale’s eye, board by using tiles peculiar to Kütahya, and the ribbon was cut. Having attended the ceremony along with our Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu later on, Businessman İsmet Güral, the Chairman of the Chamber of Craftsmen of Tile Sadık Erilbaylı, the tile and ceramic artists, businessmen and citizens viewed the works . Some of the citizens stated their appreciation for the works and thanked those who contributed in the process as well.