Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir received Director of Provincial of Culture and Tourism ZülkarniYeldemez and the board along with him within the scope of the 41st Tourism Week events.
Director of Provincial of Culture and Tourism Zülkarni Yeldemez gave information about the importance of Tourism week and the events that will go on during the week to Governor Nayir.

Having stated that Kütahya is a rising star of the future with its thermal, health, culture and history, Zülkarni Yeldemez said,” It is celebrated on 15-22 April annually as the tourism week in order to develop the sense of tourism in our society, develop domestic tourism and gain the citizens’ attention in tourism .Thus, the 41st one is celebrated this year as well. Tourism makes great contributions to a country’s economy and it is an extremely important value. Kütahya is an important city of ours with its historical and cultural values. We consider Kütahya as the rising star of the future.”


Having emphasized that the values of Kütahya should be benefited from by being utilized in the best possible way, Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir said ,” Tourism has become an important factor in a country’s economy and its importance is increasing day by day. At first we should know our city and realize our potential in order to utilize them in the best way possible. When we consider the tourism according to Kütahya, it can be defined in with two categories; history and nature. When we consider the history, we have a piece of land that had witnessed important moments from the Hittites to Phrygians, from Rome to Byzantine, from Seljuk to Germiyan , from Ottoman to the first period of our Republic. We have managed to pass on many aspects from our food to music , our handicrafts, and the traces of primeval cultures to date . We should be able to utilize them. These values are not only our values, but also they are the shared values of the humanity. Thus, we should know how to share them when we talk about tourism. Talking about nature, we have a green city covered its 56 percent with forests. We have geothermal resources which constitute the foundation of health tourism and have great importance for the future. Therefore we should be able to utilize both our forests covering 56 percent of the city and our geothermal resources to the fullest. We have such beauties that can’t be found anywhere else. One of them is Murat Mountain. It is one of the important values of ours, making it possible to ski in an extended period of time during the year at 2,312 meters height and with its hot springs at its 1,450th meter. The more we utilize them the more we develop our tourism.”


Having underlined that the tourism in Kütahya will be developed through collaborating, Governor Vali Ahmet Hamdi Nayir said;” Tourism is an aspect that contributes to economy, relationships, social and political factors. Therefore, every country’s target and every government’s schedule cover the important topics on tourism . Taking advantage of this week, we should have a program that contribute to the works carried out in collaboration with local government, local boards, universities, NGOs in order to make us know our city first ourselves, then determine the focal point in our promotion , set our goals and find a way to realize, achieve them. Every organization has their distinctive program, work. As the Governorate, it is our responsibility to both improve the course of action, our the beautiful events we carried out throughout the history through a way in which they handed down to future and contribute to our city’s economy by promoting them through gathering all these works together .

41st Tourism Week’s events were carried on with a ceremony took place in front of the Governorate after the office was visited.

The Governor of Kütahya Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlui Deputy Governor Arif Yalçın, representatives of NGOs, some of the heads of departments, sector representatives and students attended the ceremony started with the placement of a wreath on the monument of Atatürk by the Director of Provincial of Culture and Tourism Zülkarni Yeldemez .

Having given the opening speech of the ceremony, the Director of Provincial of Culture and TourismZülkarni Yeldemez said,” The unique city of a primeval civilization, Kütahya is a city worth visiting with its historical and natural beauties, its rich ground and underground sources, centers for thermal tourism, traditional handicrafts and cultural values. Kütahya was a place for an establishment at Domaniç and a place for a salvation at Dumlupınar and Zafertepe. It is Evliya Çelebi’s city who is regarded as a well-known traveler, scientist, historian and a writer and the master and father of tourism . It is one of the most important centers of mevleviyeh. It is the city of saints. It is the city of shahzadas. It is the city of men of letters, poets and writers. It is the city of libraries. It is the city of museums. It is the city of mansions. It is a capital city because of the fact that it was the capital of Germiyan Beylik for 130 years. Our city Kütahya includes many first-evers . World’s first exchange, the most unscathed Temple of Zeus that remained standing in the world, the only example of a construction of a theatre and stadium side by side in Çavdarhisar district at the ancient city of Aizanoi . Furthermore , The first Collective Labor Agreement in history was signed in 1766 at Kütahya.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) included Aizanoi Antique City in World Cultural Heritage Tentative List in 2012 and Phrygian Valleys in which Phrygian civilization had lived in 2015. Likewise, one of the most important handicrafts of our city, our art of tile-making which has been developing and continuing since 14th century , was included in Non-Tangible Cultural Heritage List at UNESCO’s meeting held in 2016 at Ethiopia. 48 out of 66 craftsmen taking Craftsman Certificate of Folk Culture from our Ministry were in the branch of Art of Çini-Making in our city. 8 out of 80 Thermal Tourism Centers in Turkey which were officially recognized in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ decision are located in Kütahya . Moreover, we have one Nature Tourism Center.Our Thermal Hot Springs are regarded to be beneficial for many diseases from rheumatism to paralyses, fromgynecological disorders to neurological disorders. Our city, Kütahya rapidly moves forward on the way of becoming an attraction point, attraction center by means of these aspects in the near future.”

The ceremony ended with the performance of Ferace Halk Oyunları Topluluğu of Kütahya Public Education after the stands were visited.

Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir inaugurated the exhibition which was arranged in collaboration with Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and Kütahya Chamber of Photographers, Craftsmen of Tile, Handicrafts Tradesmen and Craftsmen within the scope of 41st Tourism Week Festivals and will be displayed for visitors.

Besides the Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, Deputy Governor Arif Yalçın, Deputy Mayor Ali İhsan Ertaş, Director of Provincial of Culture and Tourism Zülkarni Yeldemez, Chairman of Kütahya Chamber of Photographers, Craftsmen of Tile, Handicrafts Tradesmen and Craftsmen Sadık Erilbaylı, craftsmen, the lovers of art and students attended the opening at Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism’s Exhibition Hall.

Having viewed the works of the Mustafa Dumanlar, Halim Yıldız, Kürşat Aydın, Hakan Kulkoç, İbrahim Kocaoğlu, Mustafa Kerkük and Mehmet Alpay Balta, the craftsmen of tile, got information from them regarding their works.

The exhibition ended after the students ,who ranked in the top numbers regarding the competitions on drawing, poem and essay arranged due to 41st Tourism Week, received their awards .

Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir and the protocol members presented their awards to the successful students.